Sunday, 27 May 2012

Guzman Y Gomez - Emporium 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley.

Now I don't normally blog chain fast food restaurants but I think this one is a little different to your KFC or McDonald's. My kids will probably attest to how much I hate McDonald's and would only go if there really was nothing left open in some kind of apocalypse type situation. I hear the local owner of the Brisbane franchise' is often in his stores so it does seem that little more personal. Plus Brisbane doesn't have an authentic mexican style fast food place, lot's of traditional Mexican restaurants but this is the first fast food Mexican here.

Anyway there was a night a few weeks back where I was super stressed and the children had been stir crazy and screaming up a storm all night and day. When Wade got home I said to him "You gotta get me outta here man!"... I didn't care where we went so long as it was quick, easy and I wasn't cooking it. We ended up choosing the Valley Guzman Y Gomez because even though the city is closer the parking here is easier.

First impressions were that it was quite busy particularly for a mid week night. We had to hunt around for a bit and all we could find was a smaller table. 5 mins or so after seating though I saw a few of the bigger tables free up. It's very open as well and coming into these colder months I urge you to rug up out here because most seating is exposed to the cold nights air.

For me being the mother of 3 children who sometimes are at the end of their own tether as well as mine it was good to see the food come out not so long after Wade went to the counter to order. So that saved a few ear drums from being perforated by the screams of hungry children. I don't drink very often because alcohol doesn't agree with me but let me tell you this night I was tempted by those margaritas and sangrias after the day I had. They actually had quite a few non alcoholic drink choices on top of the alcoholic ones (in case you may need to sedate yourself a hard day of the ringing shrills of screaming in your ear.)

The food was pretty good for fast food and I mean it's no gourmet fine dining but a whole lot better than a chicken nugget that tastes like cardboard. The kids shared Cheddar Cheese Quesadillas and a "Little Guy" Burrito and they were rather impressed. I was really impressed myself with the serving size of the burrito and that these were a lot of value for money. Wade had Pork Chipotle Quesadillas while I had Beef Nacho's. The food was particularly fresh tasting and not dripping in fats and oils so I didn't feel like my soul was dying from the inside like I do with most of the regular fast food I encounter. All in all the value astonished me too we fed a family of 5 with drinks including 1 beer for about $40... Not too bad if you ask me.

If you live close by to one of these restaurants and you want any easy cheap meal out where you aren't cooking or cleaning up after yourself in your own home... This is great. It's very kid friendly on top of the fast quick service plus they have high chairs for the littlies. I strongly recommend trying a place like this rather than your McDonald's or KFC. You even get to tailor your dishes with choices of topping so it doesn't feel as generic. I loved it would go back again in another time I need to avert a crisis as the children came home happy and went straight to bed... Perfect ending if you ask me.

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  1. Tuckeria in Fortitude Valley was definitely the first one, had been there for years before Guzman showed up. I like Tuckeria, seems fresher than Guzman, although I do enjoy Guzman as well.

  2. Haha Thank you I stand corrected... I was wondering when I wrote it if I was truly telling the truth...

    1. In other words I had a niggling feeling there was somewhere else but couldn't quite put my finger on it.

  3. We love going to GYG for a reasonably priced family dinner, the kids all enjoy the food and it's casual, relaxed & well priced. Which is just how you need need it to be when dining out with 5 kids!